ROBERTS FARM: Mallards, Dominiques, Geese, Seramas, Turkeys, and Peafowl

Located in the heart of the Deep East Texas woods, our little farm consists of 3/4 acre in town and 11 acres of country woods within the Angelina National Forest. Currently, we are transitioning between our town and country locations hoping to be completely moved into the woods within three years.

We are a very small operation concentrating on barn-yard quality poultry that is most desired within our geographical region. We strive to provide healthy, vigorous birds that will thrive in most backyard situations. Currently, we do not ship birds or eggs and require local pickup.


To keep costs within reason, we keep only a small number of breeding pairs among each of the species we carry – this number is usually adequate to meet our regional demand. We are careful to avoid inbreeding among our birds by either mixing unrelated birds and/or bringing in new blood when necessary. While we do not produce ‘show quality’ stock, we do strive to produce chicks that conform to their breed standard and are superior to that produced by the large hatcheries. We’re able to do this by carefully selecting those birds that we will breed and those that will be culled. In general, only about 50 percent of the birds we raise for breeding stock will actually be selected for breeding. It is our desire to bring good quality stock at a reasonable price for the hobbyists here in Deep East Texas.

A NOTE ABOUT INBREEDING: It is not uncommon for our customers to permit their birds to reproduce even though their birds may be closely related. This generally does not result in any significant problems until the third or fourth generations. Unrelated, breeding quality stock is generally available as juvenile birds in August. Please contact us for additional information.

          Artificial Egg Incubation: Instructions on Incubating Egg
          Chick Information Care Sheet: Basic Instructions for Chicken
          Geese Information Care Sheet: Basic Instructions for Geese
          Homemade Egg Incubator: Homemade Incubator Design
          Mallard Information Care Sheet: Basic Instructions for Mallard
          Risk of Human Salmonella Infection: CDC
          Turkey Information Care Sheet: Basic Instructions for Turkeys

Calvin & Cindy Roberts

488 County Road 335
San Augustine, Texas 75972
(936) 652-1940

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