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Tinks bantams are small bantams created using Serema, Nankin, and Old English bantams. Although not a recognized breed, they breed true as to size and form; however, their coloring will vary from chick-to-chick with their adult coloring not being revealed until they are fully feathered. Males are brightly colored with the body color ranging from gold, to wheaton, to black, to calico. Female coloring is generally muted ranging from light brown to a subdued calico. Females lay a fair number of light cream-to-white eggs, frequent brooders, and excellent mothers. Although small in stature, these birds are proud and bold having no problem standing toe-to-toe with their large fowl cousins. Our Tinks bantams free range near the house and are considered beautiful yard art.


Despite being such small creatures, they are admirable for their pride and boldness. Roscoe, my favorite rooster, had no problem challenging full grown Rhode Island Red roosters or even a Tom turkey as long as it was through a fence. Unfortunately, we lost the two hens the first year; one to a Tom turkey and a second to a hawk. It wasn't until 2014 that regional demand encouraged me to obtain an additional rooster and a few hens for breeding. We will sell our first Serama chicks in the Spring of 2015.



At this time, we do not sell hatching eggs for Tinks bantams.

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