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Peridots are a local layer hybrid utilizing a Crested Cream Legbar rooster and White Leghorn hens. They should prove to be excellent layers of extra-large, light green eggs. This cross is usually known as Sapphires - layers of light blue eggs; however, Cream Legbars usually lay more of a turquoise or green rather than a blue egg so we believe Peridot would be a more accurate description.

Peridots are not autosexing or sex-links. They cannot be sexed at hatch and are sold as straight-run chicks.


Cream Legbars were added to our farm as a novelty item in the early Spring of 2017. White Leghorn pullets were added later during that summer. Peridots are experimental as we're interested to see what and how well they produce.


Hatching eggs will become available in the Spring of 2018.

          Risk of Human Salmonella Infection: CDC

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