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With a flamboyant crest, three lobed beard, spangled feathering, and v-shaped horn comb, the Brabanter is the most interesting chicken that Iíve seen. The Brabanter originates in the region of Brabant a region that straddles Belgium and the Netherlands. The breed became extinct in the early 20th Century but were recreated by Dutch poultrymen in the 1920ís. The Brabanter can be an extremely docile and friendly bird if raised by hand but has a tendency to become flighty if left to their own devices. They are non-sitters and are good layers of medium sized, white eggs.

We obtained our original stock in 2017 hatching eggs on the halves for a local poultry enthusiast and currently have both the Cream and Gold colored types. The breed is extremely rare, can vary by individual breeder, and is not currently recognized by American Poultry Association. We offer our Brabanters as a novelty item.


Brabanters were added in May 2017

          Risk of Human Salmonella Infection: CDC

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