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The Golden Pheasant is one of the most popular of all pheasant species kept in captivity. It is very beautiful, hardy, easy to keep and great for beginners. The Golden has been kept in captivity since as early as 1740 and perhaps was the first type of pheasant brought to North America. There is evidence that George Washington may have kept them at Mt. Vernon! This species readily breeds in captivity. The hen will begin to lay her clutch of 8 to 12 eggs in April. Incubation lasts about 22 to 23 days. The chicks are very easy to raise, and are often used to "teach" rarer species to eat. Golden chicks are easy to sex when very young. The color of the female's iris is a dark brown, while the male's is much lighter. (Dan Cowell,


Acquiring summer 2016

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