ROBERTS FARM: Mallards, Dominiques, Geese, Seramas, Turkeys, and Peafowl
Species/Breed HatchlingBrooding Juvenile Day-old Price Comparisons
Black Star Pullets$3.50 $0.81$16.46$3.22$2.61$2.85$2.90$4.15
Brabanters $5.00 $0.81$17.96NANANANANA
Brown Chinese Geese$12.00 $1.30$32.80$13.66$9.35$10.75$12.73$13.20
Cochin Bantams$4.50 $0.58$13.78$4.19$3.77$3.70$3.71$5.00
Cream Legbars$5.00 $0.81$17.96NANANA$30.00NA
Crested Peridots$5.00 $0.80$17.80NANANANANA
Domestic Mallard Ducks$5.00 $1.25$25.00$5.79$4.90$5.85$6.16$7.20
Dominique Laying Pullets$4.50 $0.81$17.46$5.34$3.62$3.05$3.25$4.45
Easter Eggers$3.00 $0.81$15.96$3.39$2.54$2.80$2.62$3.85
Guinea Fowl$5.00 $0.83$18.28$6.19$4.45$4.10$4.80$6.60
Heritage Bronze Turkeys$11.00 $1.06$27.96$11.98$10.85$10.85$12.08$14.25
India Blue Peafowl$40.00 $1.25$60.00$38.12NA$49.00$45.47$44.50
Japanese Bantam$4.50 $0.58$13.78$4.19$3.77$3.70$3.33$5.00
Mille Fleur Belgian d'Uccle $4.50 $0.58$13.78$4.25$3.82$3.45$3.95$5.45
Red Golden Pheasant$35.00 $1.00$51.00$15.00NA$13.00NA$13.20
Royal Palm Turkey$12.00 $1.06$28.96$11.98$10.85$9.85$12.08$14.25
Tinks Bantams$4.00 $0.58$13.28NANANANANA
Peafowl price varies by color 3-6 days per week 16 weeks Shipping not included in comparison price.


AVAILABILITY: Our hatching season begins on January 1st and ends on May 31st. We maintain only a small number of breeding birds and most of those are seasonal layers; therefore, we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular species or breed. If a species is not immediately available, we suggest that you request your name be placed on the waiting list. Feel free to contact us for further information.

BREEDING STOCK: We maintain only a small number of pure-bred breeding stock specially selected for their health, vigor, size, and form. To the best of our ability, these birds are raised from our own flock; however, from time to time we will bring in fresh blood to avoid inbreeding. We do not generally offer any of our breeding stock for sale. Feel free to contact us for further information.

GUARANTEE: We make a conscience effort to sell only healthy, well-formed hatchlings. However, we cannot control their environment once they leave our premises and, therefore, provide no warranty or guarantee of health or viability. For best results, follow the guidelines out lined in the information care sheets located on our website.

HEALTH RISKS: Live baby poultry can carry Salmonella and still look healthy, but can spread the germs to people. Children can be exposed to Salmonella by holding, cuddling, or kissing the birds and by touching things where the bird lives, such as cages or feed and water bowls. Young children are especially at risk for illness because their immune systems are still developing and because they are more likely than others to put their fingers or other items into their mouths. Center for disease control.

HOLDS & RESERVES: We sell all hatchlings on a first come, first serve basis and will not hold or reserve hatchlings unless an initial deposit is received prior to hatch. This deposit is generally the price of the hatchling and is not refundable unless we are unable to fill your order.

INBREEDING: We acquire our breeding stock from a variety of locations; and, to the best of our ability, we do not allow birds that are closely related to breed. In certain circumstances, we will line-breed a few of our exceptional birds and will notify you of this at the time of purchase.

JUVENILES: Although we occasionally have juvenile birds available, we do not raise hatchlings to the juvenile stage for the purpose of sale. We will raise hatchlings to the juvenile stage upon request and receipt of a deposit. The deposit normally consists of the cost of the hatchling. A brooding fee will be charged for each week we brood your hatchlings; this fee ranges from $0.50 to $1.00 per week depending on the species. The gender of your brooded hatchlings will normally be ½ male and ½ female unless prior arrangements are made. Feel free to contact us for further information.

MINIMUM PURCHASE: We do not maintain a minimum purchase policy; however, we recommend purchasing no less than three birds of the same age and species. Poultry are social animals and need interaction with birds with similar traits. Bad things can and do happen… dogs being the most common cause of hatchling death. Plan ahead, happy birds have companions.

PINIONING: Pinioning is the surgical removal of a portion of one wing in order to render a bird flightless. Pinioning is not recommended for most circumstances rather simply clipping the flight feathers in one wing generally provides suitable results. We can pinion hatchlings and do so only as they are being placed in the brooder from the incubator. Hatchlings to be pinioned must be paid for prior to the hatch. Feel free to contact us for further information.

SEXING: All hatchlings, except for Dominique and Black Sex-link chickens, are sold as straight run – we will not know the hatchling’s gender at the time of sale. If you have a particular need for a specific gender, then you may want to consider purchasing juvenile birds. Because females are in much higher demand than males, an fee will be added to the final purchase price for each female purchased.

SHIPPING: At this time we do not ship eggs, hatchlings, or juveniles.

SPECIAL ORDERS: We hatch the number of each species that we think we can easily sell within our geographical region. Hatching too many birds is costly both in time and money; therefore, we will not accept special orders without first receiving a deposit. Feel free to contact us for further information.

WAITING LIST: We will place you on our waiting list upon request and will make an attempt to contact you when hatchlings are available to meet your request. However, if we are unable to immediately reach you, then we will move to the next person on the list. If it is important that you receive the birds identified on our list, you may want to consider making a deposit prior to hatch time.

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DISCLAIMER: Prices, products, and services described on this website may or may not accurately reflect current prices, products, and services and are subject to change without prior notice. For more current information, please contact us by telephone or email. Live animals carry risk of salmonella and other diseases and should be handled accordingly
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