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Often referred to as 'Swan Geese' because of their dignified movements on land and water, Chinese are considered by many to be the most graceful and beautiful member of the goose family. In popularity they rival Toulouse and Embdens.

Combined with their ornamental qualities, Chinese are exceptionally practical: Of all breeds, they are the best layers, most active foragers (making them economical and useful as weeders), produce the least greasy meat, and, except for Pilgrims, ate the easiest to sex at maturity. Because of their alert and talkative nature, they are frequently used as watchdogs.

The elegant Brown Chinese, which is often the choice of small flock owners, has a rich brown an tawn plumage that is accentuated by a dark, russet brown neck stripe. In mature birds, the glossy black bill and knob are separated from the main head plumage by a narrow band of cream-white feathers. The shanks an feet are brownish orange or dark orange and the eyes brown.

David Holderread, The Book of Geese


For 2013, the new species that I chose to add to my menagerie was Brown Chinese geese. Originally selected because they are among the most graceful of geese – being also called ‘Swan Geese’ – the two pairs were intended to serve as guard dogs for our country pens – they can be loud and obnoxious. However, I quickly fell in love with them and keep one pair in town. Bruce, my city gander, and I are ‘bestest’ friend. Unlike other poultry, male geese (ganders) share in parental duties and show great affection for their young. Unfortunately, geese are difficult to sex and are more difficult to hatch; I’m usually not able to meet the local demand. If you’re interested in acquiring a couple of my goslings, be sure to get your name on my waiting list early.


At this time, we do not sell hatching eggs for Brown Chinese geese.

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